Some Comments on the CNN Clip

I first heard about the clip via a phone call from Greg, who had received a phone call from Bill Selliger, who also left this info in a comment. It must have been within minutes.

The piece was filmed last Sunday, during the 9 Days, which is why I look like a werewolf. So then why was the ADDeRebbetzin filmed in the laundry room? A) because CNN wanted to stage it that way ( they could have entitled the piece ‘June Cleaver Makes Aliyah’), and B) kids’ clothing. I actually asked a shayla whether or not I should at least trim the beard before the interview, and was told that I shouldn’t. I felt too invested to make that decision myself.

Also within a few minutes of when the clip was posted, I received the following two bizarre emails:

This one is from an idiot. Feel free to answer him on my behalf. I sure won’t waste my time with a response:

Dear Rabbi F-

I see that you are moving to Israel.

I am 50 and I have seen the parties in the Middle Eastkill each other over and over. Most of these folks are religous. In fact, most would be termed fanatic.

In the US, there seems to be an underlying assumption that Israel has the right to exist. I have read and reread the history of the area, and it seems the best conclusion is this:

Jews were virtually non-existent in the area from 700 to 1880 with the exception of about 300 years in 4 communities. Even in Zionist sources (rather than legitimate academic resources, like say an encyclopedia), I doubt much case of a case can be made that there were more than a handful of Jews, certianly nothing approaching a majority. Even the Israeli Embassy website doesn't seem to push the matter much in its telling history.

The maps prepared by the British at the time show Jews comprised 6% of the population in 1900.

As far as I can see, a reading of history says you were once inhabitants of the area, but were at all times outnumbered by significant numgers throught the area.

Why on earth do you think you are entitled to the land? Do have any reason beyond religous fanaticism that suggest you must be there or have a right to be there?

Other than the fact that you believe you are "God's chose people" which granted, would give one religous license to do anything and kill anyone, do you have any source at all (except for one sided zionistic stuff) or any logical reasoning that suggest its OK for Jews to have not merely immigrated to Israel, but to have taken over land that clearly was not theirs and stolen it to create a country? What is it? I'd sure like to know.



This next one is of a totally different nature. I don’t intend to fulfill too many of the prophecies that concern him, and the Ten Tribes ain’t comin’ back, and, well, you can pretty much guess what I think of this stuff. But I’m obviously a bit more sympathetic to him, as he is to me, and so I won’t post his email address and full name:

Dear Rabbi F,

I saw your story on TV and wanted to contact you to send you some things to consider as you leave to move to Israel.

I believe God is drawing you there for a purpose. This current conflict is helpig to set the stage for the world to enter the Revelation period John foresaw in Revelation. We are within view of many of the prophecies of the Bible being fulfilled as foretold by the prophets of the Old T, Christ, and the writers of the New Testament.

I have been given the blueprint in detail and know exactly what is coming and about when.

If you care to read some of the things I have I guarantee you will NOT read all of it in a book. It isn't there for most of the Christian theologians do NOT have the right picture of the events to occur to bring the Messiah and Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ back to earth to peform the things for Israel that were predicted hundreds of years ago and to the saints both Jew and Gentile.

You have a wonderful young family. You are going to Israel to be led of God to prepare for the building of the third temple, the emergence of the lost 10 tribes of Israel, and the eventual evacuation of chosen Israelites to the USA of the ALL Israelites who become the manchild spoken of in the Book of Revelation.

I hope you are moving to Jerusalem for that city is the focus of most of the prophecies of the Old T and the Book of Revelation and it is going to take a special work to save the remnant out of slaughter before the Messiah returns.

Many will be slaughtered.

I have much to say to you if you care to read and hear what God has revelaed to me about Israel and the USA as the world marches toward the consummation of ALL things.

God Bless and His Eyes watch over you and your family and protect you and them from all evil and harm.


Former Minister

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