Mezhinka Tantz

This past Sunday, my youngest sister became the last of my siblings to wed. As has become common, my siblings and I danced around my parents until they symbolically shooed us away with symbolic brooms. Though this custom seems to have been pretty limited in scope until relatively recently, I find it to be very beautiful, emotional, and fraught with meaning. The more siblings, the more intense the experience. If there's only a kid or two, it seems pretty cheap. I'm one of five, so it's more of an event.

For the occasion, I had a T-shirt made for my parents. I liked the idea, and if anyone else wants to use it, please let me know (especially for commercial purposes). The back of the shirt provided some details of the last wedding bracketed by the statement "Get out and stay out!". Here's the front. It's an ADDeRabbi original:

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