A Flood of New Kinot

At least 11 Kinot have been composed regarding the evacuation of Gush Katif. They’re all accessible here (hat tip to Shalom Berger of LookJED for the link). During Tisha B’av, I’ll probably sit down with them and ‘learn’ them, looking at how they were composed, what elements of the narrative they emphasize, what sources they work off, etc. Should be depressing.

Also depressing is the fact that some dude named Yitzchak Rom has taken credit for my composition, here and here. I’ve notified the katif.net people, but I haven’t figured out how to navigate Hyde Park. If anyone has facility there, please help me correct this.

Other than mine, the only other Kinah that ‘footnotes’ its sources is the one by R' Hillel Applebaum. I wonder if he is related to Dr. David and Nava Applebaum, Hashem Yinkom Damam.

I expect that a number of shuls will include some of these kinot this year. I wonder if it will last much longer than that. The Jewish people have tended to be very selective about which calamities are lamented in kinot. Right now, the wounds are fresh and, to a great degree, still open and festering. We'll see what history will pasken.

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