Quick Update

Still no Internet access at home, so I'm doing a quick chap arayn at my parents house.
Hope to remedy that soon (got ADSL, still haven't gotten around to finding an ISP).
Bought a fridge.
Lift arrived, and I need to get the stuff from the port.
Going back and forth about the car. The norm (Toyota, Mazda, etc.) or the Daihatsu with the FlexFuel option -less of a known entity, but easier on my conscience.
Looks like I've got a job. Believe it or not, it actually cam about as the direct result of one of this blog's readers. More details to follow.
I wrote a piece on last week's Parsha on the Rambam's position regarding the renewal of the Sanhedrin, but I haven't gotten a chance to post it yet. Stay tuned.
Kids start school next week. YAY!
I've decided to keep the 10 shek piece as a souvenir and to make sure it doesn't happen again; I've already nailed another counterfeit and made the guy take it back.
I pulled a guy over to tell him his kid isn't wearing a seat belt.

Stay tuned.

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