Let the Hazing Begin, and a Tough Dilemma

I went to Ace Hardware at the Yishperu Center in Modi’in yesterday. Amongst the change was a 10 NIS coin. Went to Mega next door. Tried to pay with the 10 NIS coin. Was informed that it’s counterfeit. Went back to Ace to get a different one. They wouldn’t switch it back (no proof that I got it from them, despite the fact that I had a receipt and the saleslady remembered me). Jerks. It’s Home Center for me from here on.

The question is what to do with the coin. I see three options that I can justify ethically:
  1. Destroy it

  2. Give it to tzedakah

  3. Try to spend it every time I go to Ace (which probably won’t be often).

I’m inclined toward #3, and I’ll keep in handy in the meantime, to make sure it never happens again.

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