ADDeRebbetzin in the MSM

The ADDeRebbetzin is quoted in this article. And for the record, I was not 'in tow'; I was trying to find our 2 strollers. The subsequent ceremony, by the way, didn't do much to stop the frazzling. I didn't get out of the airport until 1:15pm, when the flight landed at 8am. Note to NBN - the three simultaneous flights is a cute PR stunt but a logistical nightmare.

I'm blogging from my parents' home in Chashmonaim. We're still phoneless and internet-less. Hope to remedy that soon (along with being fridgeless, carless, washing-machine-less, etc.).

Biggest surprise so far - my first supermarket experience. It was at Rami Levy's at Tzomet Shilat. After I realized that the narrowness of the aisles means that people have to maneuver other people's carts, I was fine. And I believe that I actually paid less than I would have in the States for the same products.

My first truly wacky Israeli experience came on Thursday night. My sister married a fellow from a moshav (agricultural community) on Thursday night. They were brought into the dancing seated on a decorated tractor (can't describe; hopefully, I'll upload a pic or 2). I had never seen that before, though apparently it's standard at Kibbutz weddings.

The first American product that I missed was, believe it or not, gefilte fish. The Israeli stuff more resembles kishke.

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