God's Website

I just got Jewish junkmail announcing a service provided by Tzetel.com which allows one to send a prayer to be deposited in the Western Wall. My readers probably have a pretty good idea of what I think about this type of fetishism. However, it does shed light on a hypothetical question that I've often wondered about:
If God had a website, what would its suffix be?

A person's answer would shed light on his or her theology. For example, a .gov would betray theocratic leanings. I can imagine that a Catholic would expect to find God at a .gov.it address. A proselytizing system would probably be a .com, if not a .biz, as would any 'commercial' theology - the type you find on billboards. I prefer to think of God's website as a .edu, but there's no .edu.il, and .ac.il doesn't mean the same thing.

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