New Job

I started my new job yesterday. I’ll be working for a Rabbinic organization in Israel called Tzohar, which you can read about in English here. I will serve as Director of Development, with a specific focus on overseas development, PR, and marketing the Tzohar ‘brand’. It will entail a good amount of travel to the USA, including a trip before Rosh Hashana. I might be in your neighborhood.

The coolest thing about this job is that I basically blogged my way into it. A reader of this blog (I’m not sure if he minds being named, so I’ll play it cautious, but you know who you are, and Mazal Tov on the new addition. Sorry I won’t be able to participate in the festivities ;) made the shidduch between me and Tzohar.

Some might call this luck, others siyata dishmaya. For me, it vindicates the time I invest in blogging (when the doubts inevitably creep up). Surely, that doesn’t preclude siyata dishmaya, but, as my father is fond of saying, quoting Knute Rockne’s response to an offensive lineman who questioned the efficacy of pre-game prayers, “Sure prayers help, but only if you block your man!”

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