Joining the Ranks of Israeli Bloggers

By the time I post this, I’ll be an Israeli blogger, full fledged. I’m typing somewhere over Europe or the Mediterranean, with Raphi sleeping to my right and Ruchama sitting to my left, not wanting to sleep.

On this flight alone, my kids have picked up 2 new grandmothers. I was sitting and holding Z, who was whining. The woman directly in front of me turns around. I expect her to say (can you give him a pacifier or something?’, but no, she says ‘Just let me know when it’s my turn to hold him. A few minutes later, another volunteer to baby-sit. Reminds me why I’m doing this. Of course, as the ADDeRebbetzin points out, the flipside is that random people tell you why you’re raising your kids the wrong way. It just means that they care (

There’s a rumor that Olmert will be speaking at our arrival ceremony, since three flights, from London, New York, and Toronto, are arriving simultaneously, setting a new record for Western Olim on a single day (a manufactured record, no doubt, but good publicity, which, let’s face it, is what NBN is really all about). When we took off, he was still Prime Minister. I wonder if he still is. I suspect that I’ll be participating in Israeli democracy pretty soon. I doubt this government can survive la debacle.

Modi’in will be the new home of the ADDeMishpocha, and I hope that the Judean foothills and the Ayalon Valley, which my home overlooks, can provide as much inspiration as the incredible range of characters and opportunities that good ‘ol CP provided. And I don’t mean musing about Israeli politics. As much fun as it is, and as completely tempting, I really hope to get back to the bread and butter of this blog, Torah and Jewish philosophy.

[12 hours later]
I’m in my new Modi’in home, sparsely furnished but air conditioned and mine. It was a very long day.  The three-planes-at-once idea was great PR but was a tremendous inconvenience to the Olim, for a variety of reasons. Whatever. I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. I’ll post this and a belated Dvar Torah on Ekev from my parents’ home tonight. Looking forward to getting into routine.

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