Adam U-Vehema Toshia Hashem

This is really funny. I must say, using llamas really does sound like a brilliant strategy. It's like having camels that can climb mountains. I wonder if the guy who came up with the idea concluded his proposal by saying "Llama lo?" (oy! Bad Rabbi! Bad Rabbi!)

Anyhow, as soon as I heard about it (from the Rabbi of Yenem's Velt), I wondered if PETA would say something. This guy beat me to it. The money line is this:
The llamas, like most Israelis, descend from regions outside of the Middle East.
Funny. Simplistic, but funny.

I've been thinking a lot about the humanitarian crises, namely, the fact that residents of Nothern Israel and Southern Lebanon, together numbering probably about a million people, have been forced to leave their homes. I hear a lot from the Israeli side about people opening their homes, giving their phone numbers on the radio, etc. I don't see the same on the other side. Donations, yes. International aid, yes. But not a society banding together to take care of its own in an hour of crisis. Is this my imagination, or is there something to this?

I mean, I'm clearly biased, right? In fact, I came across these websites, from which you can donate to help the displaced Lebanese, and was shocked that none of the reccomended donation amounts were a multiple of $18 (ok, fine, 90 is a multiple)! I also saw that you can donate in someone's memory. How's this, I pledge to donate $440 (that's the gematria of meit - 'dead', and a helluva lot more than the measly $18 that correspond to 'chai') in memory of Sheik Hassan Nassralah (I can't say yemach shemo if I plan to memorialize him, can I?) provided that I get the opportunity to make good on this pledge before the end of Israel's offensive.

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