Perverting the Priesthood

Some of my early blog posts address the tension - discernible in the biblical text as well as the Talmud's interpretation of that text - between Hana and Eli. It has now taken the form of a full-blown essay, one that will hopefully someday be a chapter in my book that will explore the interaction between Halakha and Aggada in various talmudic passages. A lot of the material got its start on this blog.

This new essay is something of an experiment. I am charging $1 to download the essay. My hope is that the price will offset some of the time I put into writing it. My preference is to write about the things that fascinate and intrigue me, and hopefully this will create some momentum for me to continue to do so without having to tailor my writing to the needs of a particular publication (though I will continue to do that as well).

Please consider spending the dollar. I think you will find it well-spent. Please also do not download and then distribute the essay unless you pay for each copy you send. Thanks - and enjoy!

Perverting the Priesthood by Elli Fischer