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The following topics are in no apparent order. I hope to continue updating the Table of Contents when I return to blogging regularly, and to keep a link to it on the sidebar. The categories sometimes overlap.

NEW: I've put an asterisk (*) before the post that I think are most characteristic of this blog and/or are the posts that I'm most proud of (and not necessarily the most popular).Double asterisks are for those posts which best articulate my thinking.

Moral Development
Tefillin and Teaching One's Children: An Observation
**"...Gam Ki Yazkin Lo Yassur Mimenah"
Offensive Lines: Why football makes me sick
*jewish sexual education
Money Quotes from Howard Gardner
Excellent Article
**The Tuition Crisis and Disengagement: A Common Denominator
Another Observation Regarding the Public School Proposal

Readings in Talmud, Mishna, Chumash, Tanach, etc.
*Mazal Tov and Shabbat 33b-34a
**Alienation, Translation, and Reconstruction - A Talmudic Reading of Shabbat 33b-34a: Part I
**Shabbat 33b - 34a: Part II
**Shabbat 33b Part III - Markets, Baths, and Bridges
**Shabbat 33b - 34a: Part IV - R' Shimon Withdraws
**Shabbat 33b - 34a: Part V - The Cave
*A reading of Mishna Avot 3:7 - not how they taught it in yeshiva
*A Lesson in Basic Talmudic Vocabulary
*Meat and Wine: A Talmudic Reading of Pesachim 109a
*Mi-Bnei Banav Shel Haman Limdu Torah Be-Bnei Brak (Sanhedrin 104b)
**Talmudic Reading: Kiddushin 29b - A Critique of Modern Orthodox Education?
*Bialik's 'Al Saf Beis HaMidrash'
**Chana vs. Eli
*Chana vs. Eli part II: Change from Within
*BEHAR - Two Aspects of Holiness and the Price of Tea in China
**Ad De-Lo Yada
Ramban on Emunah Peshutah
**Talmudic reading of Menachot 29b: Zoo Torah, ve-zu scharah?
*kol ha-meivi davar be-shem omro
**A Talmudic reading - Brachot 48a
*Tzara'at: Psoraisis or Psychosis?
*Reading of Shabbat 56a : David's Sin (or lack thereof)
*Reading of Shabbat 88a: God and Israel's Shotgun Wedding
One Man's Korach is the Next Man's Moshe
**Parshat Chukat: Speak Softly, but Carry a Big Stick
More on the Big Stick
The Torah and Science Challenge: Round II

**On Absolute Truth
**Absolute Truth II
**Absolute Truth: Part III - Simon Says
**Absolute Truth IV
**Absolute Truth V: Truth vs. Justice
*Evening, Morning, Resurrection, Evolution, and Entropy - and a Talmudic Reading of Shabbat 10a
More on Entropy and Resurrection
**Understanding Shekhina, God's 'Urges' and Why Leonard Nimoy is Out of his Vulcan Mind
*Waiting for the Messiah
**Broken Vessels
**Historically-conditioned Exegesis and Progressive Revelation

‘Machshavah’ and (sometimes humorous) Musings on Contemporary Judaism
Postmodern Pantheon
*Postmodern Postmortem of MO
Modern Orthodox Pantheon
*Evolution of Religion
*the 12 principles? -בא ה"אדרבי" והעמידן על שנים עשר
Cutting Inspiration Down to Size
Jewish Evangelism Revisited
*When You've Got a Hammer, the Whole World Looks Like a Nail
**Holy Heresy
Dignified Disagreement
*R' Tzadok vs. R' Chaim Schmulevitz on Yom Yerushalayim and the Road to Hell
Must Read
Clarification to Ha'aretz Interview
*Review of 'Ushpizin'
The Secret of Chareidi Fundraising
One Dilemma, Two Solutions (and a possible third)
*Lay Leadership Training
Link to Full Text of R' Aharon Feldman's Essay
The Science of Tefillah
*On the Origins of Chasidut
A Tale of Two Aarons
Is it a Mitzvah to be Happy?
Two Types of Ethics
Why I Love Levinas
The ArtScroll Women's Siddur: Men and Women, Dumb and Dumber
A True Story Concerning Women and Kaddish
*YU's Tzelem Project
The Greatness of Gush
*A Postmodern Read of the Nishtanu Ha-Teav’im Theory
*The Hardest Mitzvah (Which Also Happens to be my Favorite One)
Maimonides Magical Mystery Tour: Part II
Reading List Update, and the Rav's use of Scheler
**Superstructures of Knowledge

*עיני העדה and the role of narratives in land disputes and conflict resolution
A Better Date for Yom HaShoa
**Of Jet-lag, covenants, and BBQ on Yom Ha'atzma'ut
*Yom Ha'atzma'ut Part II - Hallel
**Yom Ha'atzma'ut Part III: The Theme of the Day
**Yom Ha'atzma'ut IV: The Haftarah
*Ran on Nedarim 28a and Israeli Democracy
**Genesis Chapter 1, the First Rashi, and Yashar Books
Disengagement: One Issue or Two
The Politics of Sports
Religious Zionism from an Unexpected Source
Baltimore: Anti-Disengagement Mecca

Philosophy of Halakha
*Historical Twins: Canon and Heresy
*Historical Twins: Part II – Translation and Esotericism
*Minhag Avoteinu Be-Yadeinu
*Al Capone on Da'as Torah
**Pygmies on the Shoulders of Giants? An Attempt to Come to Grips with Yeridat Ha-dorot
Kosher Sects
**On Chumra
*understanding what we say vs. saying what we understand
Breaking the Middle Matzah and Christian accusations
Baskin-Robbins: Chalav Yisrael?
Answering Amen to the Bracha before Shema
*Mistaken Minhag - Not Answering 'Amen' to the Second Bracha of Shema: The Unabridged Version
*More on 'Amen' to "Ha-bocher'
*Chazon Ish Shiurim
Making 'Brachot' on Non-Kosher Food
January 20, 1961 : A Black Day
*''Brachot' on Non-Kosher Food
**Rabbinic Power and Rabbinic Force : The Case of Marriage Annulments
The OU and Stem-Cell Research
**Monogamy as the Biblical Ideal
**IS there an answer to this question?

Gender Identity in Judaism
**LGBT in a Halakhic Community
*More on LGBT and Halakha
Another Musing on the Transgender Issue
*On Shelo Asani Ishah
A Woman of Valor
Reflections on Blogging and Misc.
*Hineni He-ani Mi-ma'as, nir'ash ve-nifchad...
*Explaining my own jokes and other miscellany
*SHR, RIP. Welcome ADDeRabbi
*Tocho ke-varo ke-bloggo
What I'm Currently Reading and Learning
*Works in Progress
Unwanted Intrusions
Counting the Cars...
To Be Continued...

Holiday Humor
*Introducing a New Flavor of Orthodoxy!
*...Bayamim Ha-hem, Ba-zman ha-zeh
*A Purim Riddle for FRUMTEENS Moderator
*Selling Snow to Eskimos OR Water Water Everywhere...
*Sometimes I Think that the Rasha had a Good Question
I Love This Job!
If one were to set their ShasPod to 'Shuffle'...
*Safam Out-takes
Who pos' de mos'?
An Alternative Reading of a Well-Known Midrash

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