kol ha-meivi davar be-shem omro

ok. we all know the 'vort' from prikei avot. very nice.
But when I hear Rav Kook quoted to a largely yeshivishe audience as 'a Talmid of the Netziv' and see the Rav quoted as 'the Masbir',it seems that 'Kol ha-meivi davar b'shem omro meivi ge'ulah le-olam' isn'tjust a cute 'vort'.
maybe, just maybe, if someone hears good Torah from someone 'mi-chutz la-machaneh', whatever your machaneh happens to be, it will give pause for reflection and appreciation of an alternative viewpoint, whether you agree with it or not.
Beit Hillel didn't think that it was dangerous to quote Beit Shammai. Can't say the same for Beit Shammai. Look whose Mishna we learn.

Shabbat Shalom.

[anecdote relating to the above. A friend of mine who was at R' Tzvi Kushelevsky's yeshiva in J-town heard from one of his chaverim, "I came up w/ a svara, which i then saw in the Chidushei Basra b'shem the Masbir and in the otzar meforshei hatalmud (green monster) quoting from R' Abba Bronspeigel b'shem Rabbo, so i knew i was mechavein to the emes]

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