Segulah for Parnassah

There's a segulah for parnassah that is even more ancient than the recitation of 'Parshas ha-Man' today (Tuesday of Parshas Beshalach). Even more ancient than scanning the names of angels at strategic points during the prayers. In fact, this segulah is so ancient that there is a mesorah that Adam ha-Rishon was the first person to use it.

Unfortunately, this particular segulah for parnassah has fallen into disuse, and even disrepute, amongst large segments of our brothers, yirei shomayim and shomrei Torah u-mitzvos. Nebech, some have even completely discredited this segulah, despite its proven efficacy and despite the fact that Gedolim in nearly every generation approved of this segulah and even encouraged others to avail themselves of it (even though they often did not make use of it themselves).

And what is this segulah for parnassah? Why, going to work, of course.


ADDeRabbi said...

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uriyo said...

Compare this Onion article: http://www.theonion.com/articles/study-finds-working-at-work-improves-productivity,2318/