Sometimes I Think that the Rasha had a Good Question

I've already posted about my skepticism regarding formal school systems here and here.
However, they do have the benefits that they keep our children out of our hair for significant chunks of time. Of course, they get off when we REALLY need them out of our hair, like the days before Pesach. My daughter's been getting into lots of trouble because she's out of routine and there's so much cool new stuff to break around the house.

I also seem to recall that it's during bein hazmanim, especially during the summer, when the days are long and there's not much to do, that the Quaker youths run around hurling stones at traffic and screaming 'Shabbes, Shabbes!' Too much free time.

It's during these days that our children are exposed to, and therefore perpetuate, annual rituals of pyromania and OCD.

I've always been taught that Halakha provides outlets for every basic human desire, and that all treif tastes have their kosher counterparts. I believe that, and think that's great. So we get bombed off our a**es on Purim. And we go OCD before Pesach. And the wannabe pyromaniacs coume out in full force on Erev Pesach.

You know who I'm talking about: the bozo who shows up at the communal burning with 3 gallons of lighter fluid and tons of cellophane and styrofoam that was once in the same room as some corn. These idiots are singlehandedly responsible for the hole in the ozone layer. And all the kids get to watch and learn.

Thus, like the Rasha, I ask, "What in Hell are you people doing!?"

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