What I'm Currently Reading and Learning

It's an eclectic group of books:

  • Expanding the Palace of Torah (Tamar Ross)
  • Jewish Nationalism (Hebrew- Eliezer Schweid)
  • Woody Allen and Philosophy
  • The Unschooled Mind (Howard Gardner)
  • From the Yeshiva World to Modern Orthodoxy - Bio of R' Y.Y.Weinberg (Marc Shapiro)
  • In Time of Nations (Emmanuel Levinas)
  • Beyond the Verse (Levinas)
  • Studies in Talmudic Narratives (Hebrew - Jonah Fraenkel)
  • Kelim Shvurim (Hebrew - HaRav ShaGa"R)
  • Lo Bashamayim Hi (Hebrew - Prof. Shalom Rosenberg)

And Learning (each only once a week, pretty much; nature of my 'shtella'):

  • Bava Metzia chapter 8
  • Reivew of Issur Ve-hetter (incl. Tur-Beis Yosef-Shulchan Arukh-Shach-Taz-Aruch Hashulchan-and compiled notes from Rabbanut test-takers)
  • Teaching Daf Yomi on weekends
  • Perek Chelek w/ Maharsha, Maharal, and Ben Yehoyada
  • Sefer Yirmiyahu
  • Sefer Shmuel Aleph
  • Rambam Hilchos Talmud Torah
  • Random stuff that comes up (I love having ADD)

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