Safam Out-takes

it's been revised since that Shabbos in Kiryat Sefer, but the ideas are the same. Alternative lyrics to Safam's "Bruchim Haba'im":

sitting in my home in keeriyat sefer
surfing the internet, my keyboard in my hand
i'm the only non-chareidi in keeriyat sefer
i can read their poster but i just can't understand
i feel like a foreigner in a not-so-foreign land
and i know they are my brothers, though they wouldn't shake my hand
screaming 'koyfer, tzioni, all those books are banned

standing on the street in keeriyat arba
i've got my notebook and my camera in my hand
i'm the only meretz voter in keeriyat arba
i attend their rallies, but they just can't understand
i should be a foreigner in this should-be-foreign land
and our cousins are our brothers if we'd just extend a hand
but we fight and we shoot - and thus the flames are fanned

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