Postmodern Pantheon

Following up on the last post, and to show that there's not a total vacuum, I wanted to put together a list of some areas where postpodern theologies of Halakha are being discussed. It's too haphazard and ephemeral to survey what going on, so I'll just leave with a few people and institutions to keep an eye on. Clearly, anything intereting that's happening is happening in Israel.

  • Beit Morasha
  • Ma'aleh Gilboa
  • Yeshivat Siach


  • R' Shagar
  • R' Bigman
  • R' Yehuda Brandes
  • R' Yuval Shelow
  • R' Yaakov Genack
  • Dr. Tamar Ross

Thinkers of Previous generations:

  • Levinas
  • R' Eliezer Berkovitz
  • R' Nachman of Breslov
  • R' Tzadok of Lublin
  • The Ishbitzer

Nu. We'll leave it at that.

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