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Over the next few weeks, I figure to be getting a bunch of hits via the JIB voting on the Best Jewish Religion Blog. Since I’m still working on turning my sidebar into an index (which includes some of my posts on Maven Yavin, nominated for Best Religion Blog as well as Best New Blog, Best Group Blog, and Best Series), I’ll link here to a sample of my best and most popular posts (the two don’t always coincide) that are not yet on the sidebar. If you’re interested in more, this will take you to a categorized list of stuff I posted between January and August. I’ll link to the ‘heavier’ stuff at the bottom. Unfortunately, Haloscan, which supports my comments, hides anything older than 4 months unless I cough up some bucks to get a ‘preferred’ account:

Review of ArtScroll Women’s Siddur
LGBT in a Halakhic Community
Happy or Pathetic?
Ultra-Orthodox vs. Ultra Sound
My Zaydie, the Swiss-Army Jew
On ‘Yeridat Ha-Dorot’
On Chumra
Against Jewish Evangelism
Inadequate Denominations
What is ‘Shekhinah’?
Holy Heresy
Jewish Sexual Education
The Little Things vs. the ‘Greater Good’
Reinterpreting the First Rashi
A Critique of Modern Orthodox Education: Reading Kiddushin 29b
‘Zoo Torah – ve-zu scharah?’ Reading Menachot 29b
Thou Shalt Not Be Stupid
Digengagement and the Tuition Crisis: A Common Thread
Waiting for the Messiah
Speak Softly, but Carry a Big Stick
Religious Meanings of Yom Ha-atzma’ut I, II
“What a Beautiful Tree…”
The Religious Value of Meat and Wine: Reading Pesachim 109a

This stuff is heavy, but really good (IMO):
Beyond Rejection: A Reading of the R’ Shimon Story, Shabbat 33b (this is part VI, and still not finished; you can follow the links back to the beginning)
Historically-Conditioned Exegesis as the Vehicle for Progressive Revelation
A Kinnah for the Azzah Evacuees
Why Do We Do Mitzvot?
Superstructures of Knowledge
Why McDonalds Should Have Bentchers
Broken Vessels
Eli vs. Chana (part 2), or Establishment vs. Renovation
Did God Offer the Torah to Other Nations?
Two Aspects of Holiness, and the Price of Tea in China
Absolute Truth (I, II, III)
Einei Ha-Edah and the Role of Narratives in Disputes

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