Twelve Cats

I just came across a blog called "On the Contrary: Don’s Mideast Musings". Seems like an interesting enough guy, who I'll probably meet in person at some point after Aliyah. The guy lives in the Shomron with eleven cats, plus himself, makes twelve. He's a cat, you ask? Well, yes. A copycat. Don't worry, guy; I won't sue.

Unrelatedly, it seems that Hanoch Teller has launched a new website all his own. I like his stuff because I think that he values the right things (especially in his book about RSZA; see page 333 for a laugh though, ve-hamaven yavin). The wierd thing is the way he self-promotes. Hey, the guy's gotta make a living; he has MANY, MANY mouths to feed (more than eleven, and they aren't cats).

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