Just Doing My Part

A bit over a week ago, I posted the 'Vote Torah' logo and link in my sidebar and in the 'Maven Yavin' sidebar. I follow links back to the sites which link to me, to see who's been linking, and I was curious when I saw this link.

Well, it turns out (as you can see), that the #1 website referring to 'Vote Torah' is MY! #2 is ADDeRabbi! In fact, 10 of the top 30 referring sites are sub-pages of MY and ADDeRabbi (beating out the likes of ou.org, bneiakiva.net, and onlysimchas.com).

1) We J-bloggers CAN make a difference in the 'real world'! (This vote impacts the disbursement of over $1 billion to Jewish causes)
2) We are credible sources for information and even reccomendations. If you believe that we should Vote Torah (or Mercaz, or whatever you believe we should vote for), then by all means, let the world know. It makes a difference.
3) Vote Torah should reserve a spot in the next election for an anonymous J-blogger.
4) If you haven't voted yet, what are you waiting for?

If you wish to post the badge on your own site/blog, email me for the code, or copy it from the HTML source of this page.

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