Wanted: A Goy Who Really Likes Beer

For the past few years, I’ve made myself available as an agent to sell chametz. At UMD, I’d sell for like 300 ppl. per year. Here in Israel it’s a bit slower because there are so many rabbanim available to do it, and there are even websites which let you do it completely online. What I do, as in years past, is have some forms available, and also post the form to the web, so anyone can download it and bring it over to me. As you can see, the form I use (which is the standard RCA form) leaves space for the seller to estimate the value of the chametz being sold.

Well, it just so happens that one of my ‘clients’ it the proud owner of the Dancing Camel Brewery. Needless to say, this man owns a heck of a lot of chametz. So whichever lucky gentile purchases this man’s chametz can have a really fun week (although the brewer is hosting a Pre-Pesach Keg Party this Thursday night at the brewery, so stocks will be somewhat depleted).

This evening, we were trying to dream up ways to brew a Kosher for Passover beer. We actually had an idea. You’d start with a mild honey or potato beer, but then add roasted barley (since it’s already roasted, it can’t become leaven, unless you don’t eat gebrokhts) like you would to a stout beer. You’d end up with something that might just be halfway decent. We’ll let you know how the experiment goes.

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