Purim Miscellany, Year II

1) My daughter is sick. This will be a total damper on Purim.

2) I've just labeled Purim p
osts from years past, some Purim Torah, some real Torah, some a combination. Ayen sham.

3) A few new insights int
o the Megilla as I was reading it this year (3x so far):
a) 8:17 and 9:3 are similar verses, just that in the first
one, the masses 'Judaize' out of fear of the Jews, and in the latter, the officials promote Jews out of fear of Mordechai.
b) The verb f
or of 'Mishteh' is 'Lishtot' in the Megillah. These parties were nothing but drinking.
c) the scene where Esther enters the kings chamber and he raises his scepter, etc., is phallic.
d) Haman is his
own undoing. His defeat is completely because he had to have it ALL - and he ends up losing it all. When complaining to his 'loved ones and wife' about what he has, he lists "his honor, wealth, many sons, and promotion by the king", but it's meaningless to him as long as Mordechai won't submit. He tries to make that happen ASAP - and that's his downfall.
e) If the king made me a eunuch, I'd al
so conspire against him.

4) I came up with s
ome names for teams in the Israel Baseball league. I have a whole bunch of team names, but here are my favorites:
a) The Bnei Brak D
b) The Gaza Strippers
c) The Jerusalem Syndr
d) The Beit El Pirates (f
or Arutz 7)
e) The Dim
ona um, Cement Factory
There are a few
others that are actually pretty good ones, but we'll leave that for a longer post.

A friend sent a Purim br
ochure he made, announcing a conference in Iran honoring the great Persian statesman, Haman, whose legacy has been ruined by Zionist propaganda. Very clever.

A Freilechen.

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