Holiday Weekend

What a packed week/weekend this is. So many minor holidays, Jewish and non-Jewish.
First, March 14 (That's 3-14, get it) is Pi Day. I learned that here (very funny link). Then today is the Ides of March. That's right - no tachanun. It's Caesar's yahrzeit (incidentally, I was once in a shul where on Tzom Gedalyah the sha"tz went straight into Kaddish after Avinu Malkeinu, skipping tachanun. I said all's well - it's GEdalya's yahrzeit anyway).
Then, this Shabbat corresponds with March 17, which is St. Patrick's Day. Just for fun, I bought a bottle of Guiness to drink at the Shabbes tisch. The wife's from Boston, where St. Patty's Day is a real yontif. Next week is also Rosh Chodesh Nissan, which, in addition to the regular semi-holiday status of RC, is one of the four Rosh Hashanas (For Regnal Years and holiday cycles), and also inaugurates a celebratory season (no tachanun, 'yachol me-Rosh Chodesh').
Finally, it's also the beginning of the NCAA Tournament. It's not an official holiday anywhere, but actually causes more loss of work than pretty much any other holiday. I admit, I set up a local pool (with about 15 entrants). So far, I correctly picked 6 of the 7 games played (and it looks like Vandy is in complete control, making it 7 of 8). That's not a big deal, though, since there haven't been any upsets yet. My one loss is because I violated by own basic rule - never pick against the ACC in the first round.
Also, I just realized that the Finals will be on the Seder night. So much for ein me'arvin simcha be-simcha. This is not the first time this has happened. The Finals are always on a Monday night, which is not infrequently the Seder night. I remember well that C-Webb's infamous 'time-out' call was on the Seder night, April 5, 1993. By now we know that the game in question never really happened, though.
Anyhow, enjoy the continuation of this semi-holiday season.

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