Welcome (and Attention) RCA Rabbis

Apparently, I’m on Gil’s list of ‘Blogs that Rabbis Should Follow’, in his ‘Torah category’. Admittedly, there’s a lot of sichas chullin here as well, but my purpose in writing this blog is, and will remain, the opportunity to formulate my own Torah thoughts to an audience that I wouldn’t normally have access to (though a large and ever-increasing number of my balabatim do read this blog). I’ve taught more Torah through the last year-plus of blogging than in my entire career in education and Rabbinics. I only request that if you use material for a shiur or drasha (you wouldn’t be the first), that you are meivi davar be-shem omro.

As you may be aware, this blog has played a role in the coverage of the issue involving RCA conversions. This blog was the first to connect the issue to the Eternal Jewish Family conference, to Rav Nochum Eisenstein’s Vaad HoRabbonim HaOlami LeInyonei Giyur, and to refute the Jewish Week’s theory that it’s somehow connected to the R’ Tendler issue. I hope to post once more on the issue; my original post was misunderstood, which, of course, is my own fault. Consequently, there have been statements written and spoken by RCA administrators attempting to downplay the significance of this issue. I will write about why I think that this really IS an issue that should be of major concern to American Orthodox Rabbis, and why the RCA either believes or wants us to believe that there isn’t.

And then I hope to get back to posting Torah.

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