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Jerusalem Post | Amar hints at conversion policy change

Doesn't seem like much has changed:

"If Diaspora rabbinic organizations can prove they have an organizational apparatus on par with the Israeli Rabbinate, I will be willing to consider [recognizing conversions performed abroad]," Amar told The Jerusalem Post.
And the most substantive statement yet from R' Herring:
"We share in the goal of sharing uniform standards," added Herring. "However, it must be done in a constructive and cooperative manner that takes into consideration the realities of Diaspora Jewry."
Hey, how 'bout that. Diaspora realities are different. And a dead-on quote from an anonymous source:
"You have to work hard to learn the subject. You have to travel a lot and meet with people in order to fully understand the complexities of Diaspora Jewry. The people working with Rabbi Amar simply lack the talent or the motivation or both to deal with it. So they are taking the easy way out by disqualifying everybody."
Or they just listen to whomever happens to be yelling the loudest, even if they are driven by a particular agenda. It's good to see that we're yelling louder, though kinda disappointing that this is how the system works.

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