By Women, For Women

In the wake of my recent post on Sha’alvim’s new hire, I have tried to figure out which American Seminaries in Israel are run by women. Needless to say, no Yeshiva is, but amongst the Seminaries, there are 9 that I count, amongst which 4 are run by women who are very much meyuchasot. Seems that yichus then plays a very strong role in the ability for a woman to head an institution of learning. There also seems to be a greater proportion amongst Seminaries for post-college women and institutions with Israeli programs. There is no pattern for how ‘modern’ the place is, and there even seems to be a tendency toward chareidi schools. They are

  • Migdal Oz (headed my Mrs. Esti Rosenberg, nee Lichtenstein, yes, that Lichtenstein)
  • Michlalah (headed by Mrs. Devorah Rosenwasser, daughter of Rabbi and Rabbanit Copperman, the school’s founders)
  • Bais Yaakov Yerushalayim, aka BJJ (headed by Rebbetzin Bruriah David, nee Hutner, yes, that Hutner)
  • Nishmat (headed by Rabbanit Chana Henkin, again, a name which needs no introduction)
  • MaTan (headed by Rabbanit Malka Bina, daughter of R' Milikowsky of Baltimore, and wife of R' Aharon Bina of Netiv Aryeh)
  • B’aer Miriam (headed by Mrs. Orbach, whose first name I don’t know)
  • Shearim (headed by Rebbetzin Holly Pavlov)
  • Machon Gold (headed by Mrs. Shani Solow)
  • Berot Bat Ayin (headed by Rabbanit Chana Bracha Siegelbaum)
If you know others, please share.

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