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This guy linked to my post about the Sesame Street song 'Put Down the Duckie'. He must've found me via a Google search. I guess he was excited about finding my blog, because this is what he wrote (translation mine):
... on the ADDeRabbi blog, the Rabbi writes about children's songs and notes that there is an important Jewish lesson in them (yes, a rabbi writes a blog, and in that blog is a post, and in that post - a Sesame Street song. So you say, ahh... another cool Manhattan rabbi. No, he lives in Modiin. You thought the blogosphere was you and your friends? Think again.).
I haven't had the change to really look at the blog, but I'll take the risk because I can't but reccomend a blog with the headline:
On The Contrary: Judaism with Comments Enabled - הפוך בה והפוך בה דכולה בה. אתר די ביה יחדון רוחין ונפשין.
Nice. He even seems to get double entendre in the byline.

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