Hospitalization Update

It's been pretty firmly diagnosed as GBS. I had a lumbar puncture today, and it was so much fun that I asked if I could have another. I also had my first round of plasmapheresis today. I'll have 2 more next week, and we'll see how things are going.

I've been moved from a small room with a great view and only 2 roommates to a big room with no view and a whole bunch of roommates who make all sorts of loud noises by moaning and various bodily functions through the night. Facebook Scrabble has been an excellent distraction.

To answer a question many have been asking, yes, having visitors has been great. I've had family and friends here much of the time, and I really appreciate it. Those of you who have offered to help on the 'home front' have been great as well - and we will definitely take you up on it!

With all this free time, I've taken on a few projects. I plan to read the entire Wikipedia during this hospitalization. And I have a few other books here as well.

The doctors continue to be outstanding, answering my questions and making me feel well taken care of.

Anyhow, I'm still on my feet and walking funny, but not in any pain other than some back ache (and when there are needles in my limbs and spine). I'll continue posting updates.

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