Parade Pashkevil (UPDATED)

Somebody has quite a sense of humor.
Will the Shofar Sound in the City and the People not Tremble (yechredu)?
Gevalt! Against Incitement and Hatred!
May God have mercy on our brothers who incite to hatred, who are like captive children, who spread rumors about their brothers and speak poorly of them
Why was the Second Temple destroyed?
Because there was baseless hatred!
We will come in our masses, with women and children, with our banner of love, to the large, peaceful, honorable, and democratic march against incitement and terror, opposed to baseless hatred against the minority which incites to violence and other extremists
Because hatred is a dangerous and contagious disease
Let us demonstrate that Judaism is not Fascism and that Kiddush Hashem is not a call for blood!
Come out in droves this Thursday, the 5th of Tamuz (June 21 by their count) at 5PM in everybody's holy city, Jerusalem
Tune into the Media for Updates
Citizens for an Egalitarian, Sane Israel

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