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Nefesh B-Nefesh in encouraging its olim in honor of Parashat Shelach, to write lists of 12 great things about living in Israel . I thought it would be fun as a meme to spread around the Anglo-Israeli blogosphere (after I started composing this list this morning, I saw that it’s becoming all the rage and everybody’s doing it. And here I thought I was being original). Here goes. 12 great things about living in Israel, by myself and the ADDeRebbetzin:

1) Sukkot are as ubiquitous as Christmas trees

2) You can give your kid a Jewish education without having to feel like you’re not getting what you pay for

3) One day of Yom Tov – like it says in the Torah

4) The temporal rhythm is Jewish

5) Talking Torah with the security guards at the supermarket

6) Having kids with cute Israeli accents (shnee-tzell)

7) The Makolet (there’s really no English translation for ‘makolet’ into English; I once translated it for someone as ‘bodega’)

8) It’s one of the most literate societies on Earth (any ‘Hebrew Book Week’ starts tonight!)

9) The sheer volume of different Torah study opportunities

10) You can go for a walk from your house to an archaeological dig where Jews lived 2000 years ago (and more)

11) An amazingly high concentration of really interesting people

12) The society as a whole is truly family-focused.

I tag: bluke, Ben Chorin, balashon, Alex (whose wife works for NBN and should be ashamed that he hasn’t done this already ;-)

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