Nuffa Dat Jibba Jabba

[UPDATE #2] With just a day left in the voting, I'm within striking distance of the finals, 7 votes behind the 2nd place blog. Let's do it, folks. Let's get to the FINALS. It's like the playoffs!]

[UPDATE: There were some irregularities in my group, which are being adjusted. Coincidentally, or not, the two blogs which were adjusted down are still leading the voting. The whole thing stinks, in my opinion. I mean, people cheat on a meaningless blog award? Sheesh.]

Voting is open for this year’s JIB awards. I’ve been nominated for Best Religion Blog, because I guess this blog is mostly about religion. I’m in ‘Group A’.

Let’s be clear, though. This is not about ‘best’ anything, but about the ‘Most Popular’. I’m up against some very mediocre blogs, especially the one whose very name basically means “Middling” or “Mediocre”, vd”l.

Perhaps there should be a ‘Best Balabatishe Blog’ category, or a ‘Best Blog by a Rabbi’ category, for that matter. Maybe 'Best Lashon Hara Blog', 'Best Community Blog', and 'Best Apikorsus Blog'. Perhaps there should be a whole set on new awards, called JABs – Jewish Alternative Blog Awards. That’d be fun.

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