Kitniyot Kontinued

A few additions to my earlier comments:
  • I couldn’t find any KFP peanut butter. Everything in Israeli supermarkets is imported. 347 days a year that’s a good thing. Unfortunately, on Pesach there are none with a Hashgacha because very few certifying organizations in chu”l have a ‘le-ochlei kitniyot’ label. He’s not starving, though. He’s got Bamba for his PB fix.
  • I heard that there are Israeli community Rabbanim who permit canola oil. Hooray for the voice of reason.
  • Didn’t find quinoa for karpas. Instead, since we are at a hotel, I went to the buffet table, got some nice fresh vegetables and a nice dressing, and had a nice karpas salad, the way it ought to be.

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