Hey, Mon

Well, I have not found a job. I’ve got four. None full-time, obviously, but four part-time jobs can work, too.

So I’ll continue teaching Halakha twice a week in that one seminary, I’m doing some freelance translating, I’ll be working several shifts as a news brief writer for Arutz 7’s English news website, and I’ll be teaching some English and math at a nearby high school. I also might have another 1x/week teaching job. And there’s also the Pesach gig.

This is a tough way to make a living, but it’s a way.

By the way, between what I’m doing and the Rebbetzin’s 3 teaching jobs, we’ve got like 8 jobs. It reminded me of that sketch called ‘Hey, Mon’ from the old TV show ‘In Living Color’.

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