Two Minutes with R’ Scheinberg?

I davened at the Kotel this morning (the real one, not the one in my house). While there, I saw R’ Scheinberg being wheeled around there. I was wondering, if I could get over to him and fight through the bachurim, what would I ask him?

There are lots of options: I could have asked him about his quoted position on the Kolko affair – what did he really say/mean? I could have asked him about his father-in-law’s alleged discovery of the keilim of the mikdash, as recorded in ‘All For the Boss’. I could have asked him about a lot of things that he’s been involved in, and that I have lots of questions about, but that won’t get mentioned here.

But I decided that I’d ask him about the Kiddush he made in honor of his not having gotten and hana’ah from hearing of a Yankees World Series victory. I’d have told him about the Yankees debacle against Detroit with a bit of zest, then asked if I’ve caused him any agmas nefesh with the news. If not, then maybe it’s time for another Kiddush. If yes, then I will have rubbed it in a Yankee fan’s face. It’s a win-win.

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