My, My, My

An observation on how Israelis, sometimes, just don’t get it. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of popular websites that begin with the word ‘My’. There’s myspace, my.yahoo, my.msn, myfavoritestore, and the list goes on.

Well, now I’m in Israel, and since I don’t like waiting in lines at banks and post offices, I’m trying to automate any bill that I can. So I just registered to pay my municipal taxes online. The city of Modiin contracts a separate website to do their online collections. The name of the site is MyBills.co.il .

Now hear this, whichever American-wannabe came up with this inane name for a billing website: There’s nothing exciting or personal about bills. 'My' bills are the same damn bills as 'everyone else’s' bills. What’s wrong with bills.co.il? My ‘Space’ is unique and personalized. Municipal taxes are the great equalizer, like death. Nothing special about yours or mine.

End rant.

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