Give Turkey to God, for he is Good

First of all, I've got another new post on Maven Yavin here. It's on the relationship between contemporary Conservative Judaism and is 'Positive-Historical' roots.

Now, to inyana de-yoma. I always thought, with a chuckle, that turkey on Thanksgiving was very appropriate, since the Hebrew word for turkey (tarnegol hodu, or just hodu) also means "Give thanks" or "Give praise".

However, a student of mine recently pointed out that they are pronounced differently. "Give Thanks" is milra - the emphasis on the last syllable, thus hoDOO. The bird is mil'eil, thus HOdu.

Of course, neither is the same as the word from the end of Psalm 148, which is hoD'OH (I spell it that was so Simpson's fans wont forget how to pronounce it), menaing "His Majesty"

Thus "HoDOO HoD'OH al ha-HOdu" means "Give thanks to His Majesty for the turkey!"


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