Current Reading List

some of you have asked for an updated reading/learning list. Here goes:

Ke-afapei Shachar by Haim Sabato
Tormented Master by Arthur Green
(still reading) Apologia Pro Vita Sua - John Henry Newman
The Hedgehog and the Fox - Isaiah Berlin
The Social Construction of Reality - Peter Berger
Seinfeld and Philosophy (trash) - William Irwin

Gemara Eruvin (i'm giving a Daf Yomi shiur)
Gemara Ta'anit
Sefer Yirmiyahu
Pirke Avot
Shulchan Arukh Hilchot Bishul
And the coolest thing on the list: Sefer Motza'ei Mayim by R' Chaim Hirschenson. Thanks to a reccomendation by Menachem.

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