Why is there no Knesset Party for English-speaking Immigrants?

Actually, there is.
Which one?
All of them.
That's the upshot of my latest post at the Times of Israel: Don't Vote for the Anglo Candidate


Unknown said...

I agree with the point of your article, that anglos shouldnt vote for anglos, but rather for whoever is better for the state, period. The clear implication, which anyone with a brain knows, is that identity group politics is not good for the state. Of course. It's not good for Israel, its not good for anyone. You shouldnt base your vote on one's race or gender. It's why intelligent people dont vote for democrats in America, who invented this divisive programme. Indeed, anglos - as in whites - do not vote for democrats.

2. You desribe the late R. Meir Kahane z'l as "far right", but Marcia freedman, who advocats for homosexualrights, as simply "left". Pray tell, what is far left in your books? (BTW, I'm not sure these issues are "fashinable" today, but whateer they are, they are no different than the 70s. If anything, people were more left wing back then.)

3. why is it "bigoted" to say Litzman represents Charedim ratehr than Anglos? The two are distinct groups, even if some charedim also happen to be charedi. That's like saying its bigoted to observe that the green party represents environmentalists, rather than Israelis. It means the average Israeli.

Unknown said...

I actually used your points when speaking to someone who was trying to convince me to vote for an English-speaking candidate for no other reason than they spoke English.

bizarre reasoning, if you ask me.