Book Review: Siddur Shema Koleinu

I recently was introduced to this book because its publisher, Amit Sofer, is a friend and neighbor of mine in Modiin. As a musician, he often found himself in a situation that he was taking his kids to school late, and davening with them in the car because they would miss it in school. This situation gave rise to the Siddur Shema Koleinu.

Many contemporary children’s have sound filed embedded. This siddur has about 15 minutes worth of audio in it, and it contains most of the basic prayers that children say in school and at home. Some of its 16 tracks are simple recitations (Birkot ha-Shachar, Shema), but others are full-fledged songs (Adon Olam, Yigdal, Hamalach).

I’ve found that this siddur helps children with pronunciation and reading skills as they follow along in the text as they listen. It is highly recommended for a family contemplating aliyah that wants to get their kids used to the style of davening in Israeli preschools. It would also be a wonderful addition to Jewish preschools in America. I bought a few to give as gifts to preschoolers who are just learning the rudimentary prayers.

Batteries are not included.

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