Great Story, Just Heard

A Lubavitcher Shaliach has been working on a potential Ba'al Teshuva for months. Finally, the guy is ready to become frum. He goes to the Shaliach and tells him, "OK. I'm ready to commit myself to Yiddishkeit. I just need one thing in order to make the final commitment - a dollar from the Rebbe. That Bracha will give me the strength to succeed."

The Shaliach answers him, "I'm sorry, but that's no longer possible."

"Did you hear me?" asks the BT. "If I get the dollar from the Rebbe, I'll become frum and take on all the Mitzvos!"

The Shaliach repeats, "I'm sorry, but that's no longer possible."

"Don't you understand? All I need is dollar from the Rebbe," pleads the BT.

"Don't you understand?" replies the Lubavitcher. "The dollar is dead!"

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