Sorry, Stan

I hold an MS degree fro YU's Azrieli Graduate School in Jewish Education. I completed most of the coursework during the summers of 1998 and 1999, taking 4 courses each summer, as part of a special AGS program which was then known as the Block program (it may still be; I'm out of the loop). The summer of 1998 was in New York, and the summer of 1999 was in Jerusalem.

All in all, the summer of '99 was great fun, though it had only a little to do with the courses - it was a great chevre. We had two courses in 'Parshanut', both given by highly accomplished but old-school professors. There was a fabulous class on the History of Jewish Education, taught by Prof. Shaul Stampfer; it was the best class I took at AGS (a class with Dr. Eliach is a not-too-distant second). The fourth class was something about Judaism and Psychology, but I can't remember what the course title was. I slept through most of that class.

Anyhow, I was kind of stunned to see the teacher of that course in the news. Good thing I didn't learn too much from him.

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