Biblical Financial Advice

I just saw a newscast and read an article about the burgeoning field of biblical financial advice. For example, check out ABC News: How Would Jesus Spend?
It reminded me of a story about a congregant who complained to his rabbi about his failing business. The rabbi suggested that the congregant employ the famed 'Goral ha-Gra' - open a Tanach to a random page, count a random number of lines, and there you will find your answer.
Several months later, the same congregant arrives at the rabbi's house in a brand new sports car and outfitted in a very expensive suit, gold watch, and designer shoes. He pulls out his check book and writes out a very nice donation to the rabbi's shul.
The rabbi is flabbergasted. He wants to know what happened, what caused turnaround. The congregant explained: "I did exactly what you said, Rabbi. I opened my Bible, counted the lines, and there was the answer, staring me right in the face."
"What did it say?", asked the rabbi.
The congregant replied, "Chapter 11."

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