Strep Makes ADD Worse

I’ve had strep for a few days now, and my brain has felt like it’s swimming. I can barely tell the difference between asleep and awake. I’m felling a bit better today, though. A few things:
  • Earlier today, I went to the local store to pick up some things. The proprietor wished me a good day, and I said I’ll try, but I have strep. The guy then pointed out that I’m wearing a kipa (he wasn’t) and so I should pray or say Tehillim and I’d get better. I answered him two-fold: a) you can pray even if you’re not wearing a kipa (he agreed, and then pulled out his own pocket Tehillim), and b) prayer usually works best when it’s in combination with antibiotics (and we won’t speculate whether antibiotics works better when in the presence of prayer – chutz mi-tzinim pachim, ve-acamo”l)
  • TSTBA – the reason strikes work is because when certain groups don’t go to work, it cripples various parts of the national infrastructure, economy, etc. When students strike, it does no such thing. People in this country think that a strike is a way of saying “and we really, really mean it!”
  • Am I the only one who thiks of Megillat Esther when I hear the name Carmona? If he makes a relief appearance and halts a rally, but doesn’t get a win or save, would we say “gam Carmona zakhur la-tov”?

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