Funny as Hell or Chilul Hashem?

Apparently, some chassidishe rebbele attached a retrofitted school bus to his house and converted it into a matzah bakery. Unbelievable. It’s really ingenious. Too bad it violated building codes and safety regulations like crazy. Then again, building code violations are ticketable offenses, not crimes. And apparently even the cops said that it wasn’t terribly dangerous.

Nevertheless, we’re generally very, very careful to keep the matzah under close scrutiny from when the wheat is reaped, sometimes even before, and some of us, Chassidim mostly, won’t eat matzah that has become wet, in case there’s an unbaked flour particle in there. Just as we wouldn’t want the tiniest bit of chametz to get into the matzah, wouldn’t one also want his matzah to be as free from any moral wrong as possible (ok, matzah bakeries are like sweatshops, but it’s hard not to sweat when you’ve got a superhot oven going)? I’m done moralizing.

It sounds like the cops had a sense of humor about this. I’m glad.

I will now pose a challenge to Chabad: Can you guys figure out how to drive the thing through town? You can have the le-shem matzos mitzvahmobile!

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