What I'm Currently Reading and Learning

Every once in a while, I’ll give an update on what I’m reading and learning.

[I’ll leave out the standard fare of Gemara, Mishna, and Halakha]

R’ Kook’s intro to ‘Olat Re’Iyah’.
How I wish I could pray the way R’ Kook describes…

Ibn Ezra’s ‘Yesod Morah’
Interesting stuff. Can’t beat the price. Just came across a passage where he seems to advocate vegetarianism. Good intro to his approach to Torah and Mitzvot.

Motza’ei Mayim, R’ Chaim Hirschenson

Still in the intro. Fascinating. He’s trying to reconstruct genres of Talmudic material, then base his exegesis on those generic rules. Also, can’t beat the price.

God Bless You Mr. Rosewater, by Kurt Vonnegut
Funny as hell. Brilliant satire.

Seinfeld and Philosophy, by William Irwin
Pretentious and silly book.

One People?, by R’ Jonathan Sacks

Haven’t read enough of it yet, but I suspect it could’ve been a lot shorter.

Born to Kvetch, by Michael Wex
Fun, very informative, and interesting. If you like S.’s blog, then you'll like this book.

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