Where Every Day is Black Friday

A recent post at TOI on how doing business with Haredim has multiple benefits for all involved:
Perhaps most importantly, these transactions take place between equals. The shekels that flow from my wallet into Kiryat Sefer are not charity and are not taken by force. They generate neither feelings of superiority nor feelings of resentment. Each party enters the relationship without sacrificing freedom or dignity, without threatening or feeling threatened by the other.

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Unknown said...

I found this post (the full one, on TOI) rather . . . odd. I dont see why anyone would not feel comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, such that it need be highlighted. Even shorts you can wear. Nothing un-tznius about it. Besides, you are going to do business, and to take money from someone they dont care what you look like.

Additionally, you say the prices by teh Charedim are less, with no sacrifice in quality. If so, its elementary that you would shop there. Why on Earth would anyone think otherwise? That's not "good policy", that's basic economics.

Because this is so absurdly obvious, it seems you are suggesting that people PRIORITIZE doing business with Charedim, as a way to help their economic situation. This I cannot agree with. In the first instance, you are rewarding Charedim for their lack of integration, by giving them your business. In addition, you are basically engaging in some form of affirmative action/ reverse racism, in which one group is preferred over another. That is not wise.

So, bekitzur, a nice slice of life of your shopping, and well-written as always, but scratching my head at what you're trying to promote here.