The Muslim Sisterhood: More Musings on the Egypt Situation

  • As the title of the post implies, if the Muslim Brotherhood comes to power in Egypt, it probably won't be good for the women.
  • Some well-meaning folks have criticized Israel for trying to aid Mubarak, a repressive autocrat, however they can. The issue here is simple: whereas an argument can be made that the US should support democratic elements of Arab society in Egypt and elsewhere, and stop protecting dictators, Israel, which shares a long border with a state that outnumbers it by some 70 million people, has real just one goal: protecting its a$$. Israel is more than justifiably anxious about regime change to the southwest, and even uber-lefist bloggers like Noam Sheizaf get that.
  • Barry Rubin is the Jacob Neusner of Middle East analysts. The dude's been cranking out a dozen articles a day. Get some sleep, man.
  • I'm still waiting for the media outlet that writes: "Gee, we can report what's going on, but really any attempt at analysis is futile. Why? Because we don't have any more of a clue than you do. No freaking clue what tomorrow will bring. For fun, we'll just re-run some op-eds we ran about the emerging democracy in Iran back in 1979, just so you can see how absolutely clueless we all are."
  • I cannot believe this made it into the WSJ.  Goldblog and Daled Amos did their homework.
  • The Pharaoh in the Fuhrerbunker. Best. Headline. Ever.

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