More Media Flotillarhea

Another day worth. It seems to be slowing down - less than 90 items today. The order and quality are indiscriminate:
Op-Ed Columnist - When America’s Friends Fall Out - NYTimes.com - Tom Friedman

Jon Snow Asks: 'Is Gaza Our Fault' Er ... No. - Wall Street Journal (blog)

Exclusive: Interview with Senior Israeli Official from COGAT – Jameel @ the Muqata

Time for Israeli Ingenuity - Forward

Let the Turks rage - Jpost

Liberal Zionists’ must choose: Hamas or Israel? - Jpost

I’d like to send a book to Gilad - Jpost

A view from the Left - Ynet

The Gaza Flotilla Issue: Logic, Truth, and Videotape – Barry Rubin

A very well-done bit of satire.

Etgar Keret on being an impromptu diplomatic correspondent.

Frum on the Oz op-ed

Oz's op-ed

Fred Kaplan – anatomy of a botch

The Vatican and the 3 Ds - Jpost

Bad Moon Rising - Lee Smith, Tablet

The ship of horrors - Ynet

Passengers, Backers Spanned Globe – Allison Hoffman, Tablet

The price of Arab lies - Ynet

Turkey and Israel close to brink - Debkafile

Diplomatic Entebbe – Yaakov Lozowick

Angry Israeli Street – Yaakov Lozowick

Turkey, Israel near clash after terror cell exposed on flotilla. Israel flies embassy families out


http://www.memri.org/report/en/0/0/0/0/0/0/4265.htm – MEMRI profiles terror-linked flotilla participants.

The Freedom Flotilla massacre: Israel blockades itself - Al-Arabiya

Why did Israel commit the crime? - Al-Arabiya

Eclipsed by madness - Al-Arabiya

Israel Turns to YouTube, Twitter After Flotilla Fiasco - Wired News

A turning point for Turkey - Jerusalem Post

Perpetual bad guys - Edmonton Sun

The silent Jewish majority - Aljazeera.net

Free Gaza — from its Arab oppressors - Torrington Register Citizen

It is not just Jews who are beginning to despair at Israels actions - Scotsman

Remainders: Flotilla - Politico (blog)

This Israeli Government Has Gone Too Far - International Herald Tribune

The Jewish State Under Siege - Intellectual Conservative

Why is Gaza under blockade? What's the impact? - Reuters

Will Our Peace Prizewinner Lead Us Into a New War? - Huffington Post (blog)

The Best Analysis Yet - The Atlantic (blog) referring to Noah Millman: http://theamericanscene.com/2010/06/02/eyeless-in-gaza

A crime against Israel - Arab News

Israel's war is the West's too - Telegraph.co.uk (blog)

You call that Humanitarian Aid!? Jameel @ the Muqata – Interesting photos

In Israel Fight, Turkey Spurns West

Treat Israel Like Iran

Israel after the debacle, Dov Fischer

Israel's Isolation Deepens

Against ideas, Israel's force is impotent | Amos Oz

Israel: remember 1947 and the Exodus ship | Richard Irvine

Erdogan and the Decline of the Turks - Wall Street Journal

Saving Israel From Itself - New York Times

Editorial: Israel and the Gaza Blockade

The collateral damage from Israel's raid - Washington Post

The Nation: A New Opening For Hamas

Was Israel's raid on Gaza Freedom Flotilla legal? - Christian Science Monitor

Analysis: Erdogan tests Turkey's role as bridge - Washington Post

The Shock Heard Round the World - New York Times (blog)

Israel's self-inflicted wound - Los Angeles Times

'Freedom Flotilla' only a subterfuge – Washington Times

With friends like these … - Washington Times

Flotilla 'activists' care about politics, not aid – Washington Times

Daniel Henninger: Beating Up on Israel - Wall Street Journal

Op-Ed Contributor: An Assault on Israel, Cloaked in Peace – NYT, Michael Oren

Op-Ed Contributor: A Botched Raid, a Vital Embargo – NYT, Daniel Gordis

The larger threat – NY Post

Turning against – NY Post

Opening Rafah crossing as lifeline for Gaza poses dilemma for Egypt

Gaza flotilla raid: Joe Biden asks 'So what's the big deal here?' | Richard Adams

Adrian Hamilton: Israel had few enough friends to start with

If Gaza's relief is a step closer they won't have died in vain | Seumas Milne

Michael Wolff: Is the Flotilla Attack a Game Changer? - HuffPost

Howard Schweber: The IDF's Epic Tactical Fail HuffPost

Matthew Duss: Elliot Abrams Giving Advice On The Middle East Is Like BP Giving Advice On Capping Oil Wells HuffPost

Israel's Courageous Restraint – Joel Pollak

Amb. Marc Ginsberg: Flotsam & Jetsam – HuffPost

Judge H. Lee Sarokin: Is There a Double Standard in the World When It Comes to Demonstrations Over the Killing of Innocent People? - HuffPost

Paul Abrams: Flotilla-Gate - HuffPost

The Hypocritical Condemnation of Israel – Andrew Roberts, Daily Beast

Shan Wells: Sowing the Seeds of Jihad HuffPost

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