On South Park Censorship

The decision of the creator's of South Park not to air a segment in which they poke fun at Muhammad is really scary. This is a show that has slaughtered the sacred cows of Judaism, Christianity, Scientology, Mormonism, and more (my favorite such episode - not that I've watched so many of them - is the one in which Jesus is in a boxing match with Satan; everyone bets on Satan, except Satan, who bets on Jesus and throws the match. Brilliant!). I can't articulate this better than David Hazony has.
Long time readers, however, may remember that after the Danish cartoon scandal four years ago, I was asked to participate in a panel discussion on humor and religion at UMD. Here's a link to my write-up of my presentation. I just reread it for the first time in several years, and much of it rings as true as ever (apologies for the shorthand).

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